Ocak Kalıp Makine İmalat ve San. A.Ş. It is. as; We produce plastic parts for the automotive industry, plastic, metal parts and mold design, production and sales services for all other sectors. Customer expectations and requests with our customers by determining the production is the basic principle to manage the management of experienced technical staff.

Without fulfilling our principles;

  • To contribute to the personal development of our people with continuous education
  • To increase customer satisfaction in line with customer wishes and by providing services on customer expectations as well.
  • Achieve efficiency limits by making the right production at the first time, reducing the costs to the lower level by ensuring continuous improvement of the quality of the products and services.
  • To use all kinds of intermediate work and fire to the best, to use the natural resources that are decreasing day by day in our world, to not harm the environment.
  • Moving from the understanding that the main condition of customer satisfaction is possible by providing quality input; Supporting our suppliers in upgrading their quality levels.
  • It is to constantly exchange information with customers and integrate them into the system.