Ocak Kalıp Makine İmalat ve San. Inc. as; The Environment, Occupational Health and Safety Policy we have adopted is based on respect for human beings and the environment they live in.Ocak Kalıp Makine İmalat ve San. Everyone in the field of environmental protection, occupational health and safety (OHS) is a top priority. One of our important goals is to protect all our employees and the environment we are in against the risks of our business.

  • We must minimize the negative environmental impacts that may arise during our activities and, when possible,make them disapear,
  • To identify, evaluate, reduce and destroy the risks, injuries and health deterioration arising from our work,
  • Continually improve our environmental and business safety performance,
  • Taking direct and indirect measures to prevent environmental pollution, reducing the use of natural resources,
  • To comply with all applicable legislation regarding our environmental aspects and work safety,
  • We will not fulfill the requirements of our Company headquarters, our customers, local governments or other institutions we are in contact with,
  • Achieving and developing our goals and targets within the scope of environmental and occupational safety,
  • To announce our policy to all our employees, contractors and suppliers, to make other people and the public accessible,
  • Taking into account the development of the industrial world, we must not anticipate the possible future situations,Constantly developing and being able to keep our eyes on our situation,
  • It is our responsibility to ensure that our staff conducts trainings that enhance both individual and individual skills and developments,
We commit as Environment, Occupational Health and Safety policy.

General manager

Nurettin OCAK